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Designing Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Wednesday, May 13th. 9AM—1PM

Targeted email marketing is a low cost way to stay connected to your clientele through consistent, well designed email reminders. In this workshop attendees will learn how a great email marketing service organizes your addresses; offers stylish, easy-to-use templates and provides comprehensive data about your email campaign’s reach. Peggy Pfeiffer will offer ideas for a year’s worth of emails that you can use to turn your business around.

Cost | $75

Emma Clients | Half price. $37.50


Entering the Stream: Choosing the Best Social Media for Your Business or Organization

Wednesday, May 6th. 9AM—1PM.

Do you feel that you should be making an appearance in the world of social media but you don’t know where to start? Does the maze of social media options feel overwhelming? This interactive workshop will introduce you to current social media outlets and related tools that can be assets to your business. Expand your internet presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Blog to raise your ranking in Google and extend your online community. Use email marketing to reach your target audience and refine your message. Peggy Pfeiffer will help you choose which social media will most benefit your business or organization.

Cost | $75


Have You Outgrown Your Website?

Wednesday, May 20th. 9AM—1PM

When you visit your website, do you feel like it doesn’t represent you or your business any longer? Or maybe you avoid going to your website all together, knowing a re-design might be creeping up to first place on your to do list. In this workshop we will review current trends in website design and functionality that will help you decide how your website measures up. We will look at design makeovers; discuss how well your website reflects your brand and review technological advances that may affect your site’s overall usability. We will also explore where we feel stuck when we consider plodding through that whole website process…again. And we can all commiserate over the news that the shelf like of a website is only about three years. We will spotlight success stories, including a first hand account of the whole re-branding process from guest speaker, Lynn Clifford, featuring her newly re-designed website   Cost |  $75.





Upcoming Workshops…To be announced.

Creating Memorable Presentations in Keynote or Powerpoint
A well designed presentation in Keynote or Powerpoint can transform a dull lecture into a lively, exciting + visual talk that engages your audience and helps them remember you and what you have to say. Peggy Pfeiffer will teach loads of tricks for building presentations that dazzle, including basic graphic design essentials, organizing information, placing your logo wisely, and avoiding the pitfalls that distract from your message.

Cost | $75


See the Light!
How to Take Better Pictures with your iPhone.
…and Create a Following on Instagram
Taught by Jane Bernard Photography
with assistance from Peggy Pfeiffer at BadDog Design

In this fun and informative workshop, photographer Jane Bernard will teach you some simple and easy ways to apply techniques that will greatly improve the quality of the images you take with your iPhone. We will cover the functions of the iphone camera, talk about lighting and composition, and cover how to use some simple apps that will turn your ho-hum images into works of art. We will also discuss how to download and back up your images and cover printing options. Peggy Pfeiffer will show you ways to use Instagram and Snapseed to enhance your images and display your work through these venues.On Saturday class will meet at BadDog Design from 10 to 5, and then go on location to photograph and apply what we have learned. On Sunday we will review our images and continue our discussion of technique at BadDog Design.
Cost $125.

For more information or to register contact Jane Bernard at or  505.501.3839